hello and welcome

this very succinct page presents the few arts, and firstly musical productions released by les fréquences critiques

this label is intended to promote artists in making some of their works available in a physical format, especially in the realm of experimental practices, playful musics, sound poetry, noisecology and other sounding oddities

please feel free to contact me to ask anything about these releases, to buy, to trade, or to propose a cooperation on a future one

  – fréquence critique #1 : dave phillips – selective memory / perception (2016, cd)

  – fréquence critique #2 : lunar error – sêlêne (2017, cd)

  – fréquence critique #3 : frédéric nogray – wild noise hall (2018, cd)

  – …

frequencescritiques.bandcamp.com // contact // discogs

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